Issue Clay Maria
Didn't Vote for the Iraq War O X
Isn't a Multimillionaire O X
Cast Superdelegate Vote Against the Majority X O
Didn't Vote to Fast Track the TPP O X
Didn't Vote for the Panama Free Trade Agreement O X
Didn't Vote for the Patriot Act O X
Didn't Vote for the Central America Free Trade Agreement O X
Didn't Vote for the No Child Left Behind Act O X
Against Buying Medication from Canada X O

Let's start with a fresh slate. As I mentioned in my bio, I intend on becoming a part of several different committees. Six, if we're being specific. Maria is a part of five. Despite this, she's been making virtually no headway for Washingtonians, let alone the American people. The excruciatingly small wins being eked out aren't going to help us against the tsunami of deregulation and pillaging the Trump Administration is going to do.

We can't allow partisan arguments and moneyed interests to interfere with our representatives ability to create effectual, smooth changes that create a better society. We can't continue looking at the label "Democrat" and associating that with how they acted decades ago. The person has to have your best interest in mind, and the person has to be willing to use their voice and their actions to make it so. We haven't had these traits in a Washington State representative in decades. It's time to send one to D.C. to rally the rest of the spineless representatives to do the same. If they can't? Time to step aside for the people who will.

America needs strong leadership, not people who grovel at the altar of money and power.