How did it come to pass?

I'll be the first to admit, I didn't see myself getting into politics at all. The elections of 2000 made me understand the consequences of them. Obama caused me to listen to political rhetoric. Bernie Sanders, however, is the person who inspired me to act. I heard him speak once just after he announced his candidacy and I was hooked. The more I listened, the more I began to take a deeper look at the problems we were facing. It started off with campaign finance reform. My notebook, fondly named the Progressive Playbook, which lists all the problems I could come up with at the time, has that as the first page.

My life is one that doesn't lend itself towards seeking high office. I was born to a single mother. My sister is addicted to schedule one narcotics. One of my uncles has Down Syndrome. I received poor grades throughout most of my youth and was expelled from middle school. I came close to suicide on a number of occasions during those years. Now, at 28, I find I have the power to change my destiny if I so choose. My grandpa left me with a quote before he died, "A hand that moves can change the world." I didn't understand what he meant until relatively recently. I no longer believe the world has the power to stop me, it can only throw obstacles in my way. This outlook has drastically improved my ability to deal with the seemingly Herculean tasks in front of me. I won't turn back.

From a young age, I found it easy to pick up on things. Learning how they worked and troubleshooting them became a passion. I turned this passion into an education and earned two Associate's degrees in IT, as well as a certificate of proficiency in web design. That education is what created this very site. Before obtaining those degrees I worked in the health care industry as an in-home caregiver for people with developmental disabilities. I saw firsthand the issues facing our health system for those the world has all but forgotten. It's truly soul-sucking when you're constantly exposed to how the system doesn't work for the people that need it most. The benefit is that it helped shape me into the person I am now.

As you may have noted, I said 28. Under the Constitution, Section 3 to be specific, it says that "No Person shall be a Senator who shall not have attained to the Age of thirty Years, ..". This would seem to disqualify me from running in 2018 as I would only be 29 at the time of people electing their representative, which is November 6, 2018. I have decided to run despite this, as there are a number of precedents that allow me the ability to serve as Senator given certain conditions. There have been other Senators elected to the Senate who were younger than 30. The way around this is to abstain from voting until I turn 30, which luckily enough happens to be on January 9, 2019. Meaning I would only be missing roughly a week of voting sessions. Historically, the first week in Congress has been relatively lax.

I've been confronted by a myriad number of people who have tried to dissuade me from running for office. Some for legitimate reasons, others not. One of the ones I'd like to address up front is my lack of experience with government procedure. It's true, my background is in IT and healthcare. How could that possibly translate into lawmaking? It doesn't. It translates into being representative of our population in Washington. I don't know how things are done in the Senate? Not a valid argument to me, considering that the Senate publishes its own manual, as does the House of Representatives, and it gets updated for every iteration of Congress. I believe the American people would rather have someone who is inexperienced but willing to fight for the right causes than have a politically experienced candidate who is morally bankrupt. I strongly feel this is one of the main reasons why Hillary Clinton lost the 2016 general election.

I intend to win. To have the best odds, you have to have the best information. Senators are able to serve on a number of different committees. My plan is to become a part of the following: The Senate Select Intelligence Committee, Energy and Natural Resources, Budget, Select Ethics, Indian Affairs, and Joint Taxation. I elaborate on these under the Issues section. With the conclusion of this introduction to myself as a candidate I invite you to peruse the rest of the site, then either email me directly or join us over in the forums for conversations on how to progress forward in any number of ways.